THC Remediation without solvent?

Thanks in advance. I’ve been digging through the posts on this site and I’ve found several ways of thc remediation in hot distillate. I ran into this site today while digging : Innovation in THC Remediation | Medical Cannabis Network

I talked to George the owner and he’s going to send over the specs. Not only did he state that it’s solvent free and idiot proof, but also that there was less than 5% CBD loss with conversions of thc to cbd, while completely extracting the thc to non detect levels. I’m interested to see what the professionals think on this. Also, currently his smallest unit is only capable of running 1 L per day priced at 55k.


But have you heard of membranes?

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An excerpt from your link:

"Heptane, Pentane and Ethanol – that ruin, reduce and destroy the extract that’s being remediated and leave it with a different colour and bad odour. "



Reminds me of the salad tossers

I agree with you there. I’m not so much interested in being “solvent free”, it is useful for what it does and I have no doubt about that. I hate how people talk bad on solvents to promote their “all natural” product. I’m more so wondering how the vendor boasts remediating for $3.50 a liter energy wise without the use of solvents.

What’s the equipment look like

Nvm found it.

It’s a Nearly featureless metal box

This is the same idiot claiming that solvents are toxic while also shilling his R134a extractor.


Asking price is 55,000… but daily output is 1L in a full work day…

Is there any consumable?

From what I can discern… no. He also didn’t mention anything about consumables. The only other pieces of info he gave me were that it can detect and remediate thc from cbg distillate, and that it’s true watt power draw is 480w.

The machine detects the thc?

That’s what he said anyways, but he also said you have to upload your COA to the machine so it has potency data etc.

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why do i have a feeling this is a fancy easy bake oven tek


Because it is. lol thats how all these “easy to use” “remediation machines” work.


figured. No consumables, CBD loss, needs the starting COA

sounds like they are determining time and temp off the coa and attempting to cook off the THC, probably while stirring


Correct! usually you can keep the temp the same and adjust for volume and thc content.


He claims to be converting the thc to cbd because he has two coas showing this.

I believe he just got lucky the first time he tested and saw the numbers change due to testing inaccuracy- and now keeps running the machine til he gets the numbers he wants to see to prove his magic stir mantle is gods gift to hemp.

This industry is 90% Snake oil salesman and shut up and take my money plebs doing the dance.