THC Remediation SOP and process development

Hi There, I’m in process of setting up a hemp processing plant in Europe and would like to connect with someone who could help on a consulting basis to develop the process of THC remediation from winterized crude and distillate retaining broad spectrum of minor cannabinoids. Please DM if possible. Thanks.


Wich country wich volume needs remediation on a weekly basis
What % is the THC level expected to be ?

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We have a THC remediation SOP we just bought. Could resell it for half the price and split the cost. It uses minimally complicated equipment and no chemicals


If this is the tech I’m thinking of, I love it!!! Hope the rest of the industry moves to it.


I don’t see why not it’s pretty simple green chemistry


@MediumTroy Thanks DM’ed you.

Cool let me know if you have questions

Do you have some more Info? Would also be interested in that SOP.
Do you have CoA showing THC values before/after treatment? What THC levels can be dealt with (Low or also high levels)?

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I have not been to europe. Would love to.

Would love to discuss your SOP we would be interested learning more. Would you be available to discuss?

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Dmd. Sorry for late reply trying to keep up on messages wasn’t expecting this to be a thing and have had a lot in the inbox

Has anyone tried this process out? My company is about to invest over 10k into chromotography. I have spoken to the OP alittle about this process and want in on it. I am hopeful he will get back to me soon on where to make payment but I am wondering if anyone has tried this method and if it works…sounds incredible but I need to convince my boss this would be better than chromatography.

10 isnt enough for any decent scale chroma, shit the decent sized columns for most LCs are 7k


The cost of a Biotage c18 column for a Flash150 system is 12K

An IsoleraLS flash system is 63.5K out the gate, 3.5K for the column

Gilson CPC 1000 Pro 200K

Add in costs for column replacement, mobile phase your budget gets consumed quickly


We pack our own columns, but cheapest c18 I can find is 1600/kg …


We already have an x2 reveleris but we are upgrading the column to a bypass column. I would prefer to stay away from solvents if possible and this seems promising

Thanks again… SOP worked great!


I am also interested in this process and obtaining the SOP, willing to pay as well. Pls DM me

So still not cheap but a bit cheaper than the prepacked columns from the manufacturer. Not surprising, the markup must be egregious on those.

But they are convenient :slight_smile:

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