THC Remediation in PA?

Does anyone know of a THC Remediation facility in Pennsylvania? An extraction lab that could take CBD Crude and process it into THC-Free Distillate. If you do, or have any feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reply. Thanks!


Hi Tom,

Hope all is well with you and your family.
My name is Sanil Patel, I work for SC Botanicals where we conduct THC Remediation on-site.
Unfortunately we are not in PA, we are in South Carolina. Feel free to reach out to us if this is more manageable than other THC Remediators. PA is my home state, I will do what I can to help out my Commonwealth.

Thank you,
SC Botanicals.

GroffNA should be able to do it.

Sanil - Please give your prices and MOQ. I’m working with a group that can remediate winterized crude for $350 per output liter. However, they’re a long way from Pennsylvania. Let me know what you can do. Thanks!

After yesterday’s meltdown over the DEA isn’t this kinda like asking:

“Hey guys, who wants to remove the meth from my cbd”

I have to imagine every Industry lawyer in the world just told everyone to to stop.

Just responding to his question from my year old post. I’m well aware of what happened yesterday but don’t know how the dust will settle yet. There may still be remediation demand, so I’m trying to stay on top of it.

WIPHE is a good term to get to know

It stands for work in progress hemp extract

This includes crude to mother liquor.

I feel bad for everyone sitting on millions in now essentially useless equipment.


My apologies for resurrecting an old post, it is completely my fault for not checking the dates.
I did not see any responses to your post, so I honestly just responded to it.
Tom, I gave you a call, feel free to reach out whenever.

Do you work for them?
We had an interesting experience with them.

No, only experience is getting samples of product from them. Just know that they’re pretty well funded. What happened on your end?

What type of demand are you seeing for remediation currently?

Very strong but we’ll have to see if Friday’s announcement puts on damper on it.

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We have here to help in any way we can, keep us in mind.

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I wanted to attempt to answer your question. Before I begin, in full disclosure, I am with Hemp Synergistics, LLC, a Pennsylvania based processor. We perform extraction, distillation, and remediation as well as product formulation and marketing. We are a GMP and 21CFR111 accredited facility. We can take in hemp distillate and remediate.
Before hemp, I worked in the lab business for nearly 30 years. I have held numerous individual state and federal DEA licenses in multiple locations. I have legally purchased and shipped narcotics many, many times and have significant experience with both state and federal drug diversion regulation.
The DEA clarified the situation in the “New Drug Code 7350” recently. In it, they clarified that a in-process hemp distillate with greater than 0.3% Delta9 THC is marijuana extract (Code 7350) and controlled under the Controlled Substance Act (CSA). This is clear and has significant impact. For starters, interstate transport of in-process hemp distillate is illegal, even if it is a business to business sale to a THC remediator. That being said, most states (if not all) have an established hemp program with licensing, similar to recreational and medical marijuana. In those states that have a legal, established marijuana program, the DEA has largely ignored otherwise legal marijuana-related business. I am no lawyer and in no way giving legal advice, but same-state transportation and commerce may be off the hook for a while. On the other hand, with few exceptions, most states adopt the federal DEA regulations within months, if not sooner.
In summary, it would be best to send hemp biomass to a processor that has remediation capabilities. If you are already sitting on significant un-remediated distillate, I would suggest sending it ASAP to an IN-STATE, licensed hemp remediator.
Hope this helps. Please feel free to contact us if you have more questions!

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