THC Remediation Facility

Looking for a THC remediation facility near Colorado Springs CO! Please let me know if you have one or can refer one!

Sending you a DM.


Same here. I just joined today and I don’t think I have the ability to send a DM yet so please contact me via the email in my profile…or DM me assuming I will be able to open it.


Same here - Need this asap

We have a THC Remediation facility near Denver. DM me for details.

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I am not sure how to DM. But I do have a client looking for someone for this is Denver.

I’m new here but also looking for THC remediation. Please message me. Thanks!

Not able to send PMs yet but I’m interested in THC remediation services in CO. Please reach out. Thanks!


We can remediate with flash or CPC Located in Denver, Colorado Springs and Erie.

is ya’ll remediating via chromatography at this point?

It would probably be a good idea to start a new thread or do some searching on other forms of remediation. Posting on every remdiation thread asking them if they are using chromatography is not going to get you very far.

I’ll toss you a hint, the majority of people are using chromatography specifically c18 reverse phase resin. other are using isolation of the cbd to remove the thc but this take all your minors with the process and leaves you with a cbd isolate powder.
Others are doing something different and probably not sharing on an open forum quite yet as they have an upper leg on the competition that is doing reverse phase chromatography which requires a large amount of solvent handling and even more solvent recovery equipment. For example, we have 4 separate solvent recovery units to recover the multiple different gradients of solvent w use to run one column.


haha no, it actually achieved all I needed it to. Thanks for the info!

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Hi @PeterAtMBX, we offer organic and cGMP certified THC remediation in Longmont, CO. Solvent free with more total cannabinoids retained. Prices start at $375 liter. Happy to run a sample for you free of charge. Feel free to reach out if we can be of service 808-465-3657.