THC Remediation Business action steps

Hello Everyone,

I recently made a post discussing my interest in starting a THC Remediation business and received excellent feedback from the community so I wanted to reach out again.

I would like to know what action steps (licenses, registration, certifications, etc.) I should be taking now to ensure that I can begin this company as soon as possible. I have a background with chromatographic separations in an academic setting so I believe I have the experience needed to succeed within this space.

Any tips on what licenses I may need or if any of you have good resources to check out it would be very appreciated.

In addition if anyone has information on finding laboratory space to conduct this business that would also be appreciated.


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what state are you looking to operate out of?

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Sorry I forgot to include that, Colorado. Thank you very much for the reply.

Depends on solvents used and volumes etc.