Thc infused syurp and high tuc percentage cartridges for sale! (SO CAL)

Hello i am a vendor for two premier companies in so cal. One is Thc carts and the other one is thc and cbd infused syrup. The company is hitone and cannavis. Cannvis is the best syrup in the game. Clear water distillate we use, potent and pest free. Its vegan, sugarfree, and gluten free. Feel free to contact me at 6262307065. I can provide pictures and product pricing sheet upon request. Serious inquiries only

I like slactivis syrup

you mean the syrup that they add melatonin to?

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No lol thc and cbd

They are okay i once bought two cups supposedly that were 375 i felt nothing lol they use bad crude.

Is slackatavis a pyramid scheme? It seems like theres alot of pop up vendors for it

I do not sell slactavis i work for Cannavis (different company) nor do i like slactavis.

I doubt it they seemed like standard vendors to me who knows though @Dprice2413 do you guys cary any straight thc never tried cbd thc syrup sounds interesting though

Your kidding me bro do they? I used to carry them through my delivery and never was told any such thing i wouldnt doubt it though cause i drank one n it got on a downer for sure

I have seen several “syrup” products that are on the market which have melatonin in them. It’s not on the label, but damn does that stuff make me sleep/not high! I feel there is alot of ingredients that they wont list on the label.
heres a pic of a bottle I was gifted several months ago.

I am suspicious of the “hippy love from dr.brokeleg”
I don’t understand how people add that syrup to an already sweet soda. It tastes disgusting…
and how in the f**k is there onky 12 mg sugar per serving! This damn thing is 4 oz of almost all sugar! Your killing the diabetics man!


Hippy love from dr. brokeleg :smile: oyvey

All of our ingredients are on our packaging were very transparent :slight_smile: got nothing to hide. Im new to this how can i post a picture lol

Oh no its a fact sucks cuz i spent 20 buckw on two cups that are supposedly 375 each and didnt feel crap lol waste of money our product is potent 100 mgs but feels like 400. No fugazi lol of u have a delivery service i would love to drop off some samples bro where are you located?

I know dr broke leg is who makes slactivis

Ahh you know him! Ask him about the melitonin! also ask him to list the surfactant/emulsifyer they use in the label! Mention the incorrect nutritinal info as well. Step up your game Ca!


Haa no I dont know him personally damn thats crazy though yeah CA regulations are a mess right noe