THC harvest close up

Ice dumps into a tall cup then hot water is added from the coffee cup. It is given time just enough to liquify the interface between glass and compound. That layer harvested I believe could be taken to a party of a hundred casual users and there would be plenty. It is very dense on the cold finger and about a rice grain size will easily be a decent vape hit. Very decent.


This is my new inspiration! What an amazing harvest, so clear and beautiful. How many passes were done to obtain such a clear product?

Also will your product remain stable over time? Or are special storage precautions necessary such as storing in a noble gas atmosphere?

Just leaving it out in the air for a photo will begin to degrade this compound. There is simply not enough of anything else like waxes and such to prevent if really so in order to preserve the freshness of it so far the only solution I have used is storing under vacuum. I did order some,plastic applicator syringes. I found one guy on Instagram that produces commercial stuff that looks like this but he pours his from a beaker.

He also said that the red sets in very fast when exposed but he also noted something that would not impact a cold finger operation like mine. He said that even cracking his glassware that if the compound was still hot the breakdown is immediate from oxygen. I have seen the boiling flask left with yellow and tan traces compound that when I pop the finger to harvest in about the time you see it take me to harvest the flask is already turning dark orange. It is dramatic and not subtle.

Here is the weird thing. When I put the cold finger back on to harvest more if it is there and pull back down to vacuum and proceed then for more after just a few minutes the extract in the boil that started to take on a dark orange while hot and exposed returns to my eyes to more or less the tan yellow and loses the orange appearance quickly. Within a few minutes after deep vacuum is hit.

I admitttedly vape a lot lolz but I have seen this color shift now predictably during the final stages. The guy who was such a valuable nugget of info relayed in response to,another that he found the compound to be acceptably stable with storage in plastic applicators. Just keep the air away it seems and the red compound this stuff loves to degrade to slows to a crawl.

Here is another mystery but there is s glimmer of understanding evolving a bit especially with this last run; it has become clear to me that when the compound is of this purity that at least some factors involved with refining it are directly responsible for how fast the product breaks down to the pink then ultimately the red. If you peek at my Instagram page you will see LOADS of dabs all nice and clear and…red lolz. In one week leaving this stuff out it becomes like a ruby typically and nearly every batch. Nearly. There is a secondary factor that determines rate and it is dawning on me a posssibility. It will take some time to test the notion I have because I get my crude once a month, refine it and photo it and such then use it so most experiments I would want to try are usually a month apart. So as far as degredation indeed this is the huge elephant in the room regarding very high purity; how on earth would a commercial operation get the stuff shipped without pink and red traces showing up for the customer?

Of course no worries for me because I am the customer lolz so refining at the point of usage has that key advantage and a sublimator takes about fifteen minutes to rerun pure stuff because there is no trace really of anything else to cope with except the red which boils away after THC and is very easy to leave in the pot behind. It gets very red with just a tiny fraction left in the pot after I do this but just a tiny bit of any color in otherwise clear stuff is easy to spot. It forms on the surface as a film at first.

Generally the way I do it the run above would represent fourth pass purity. I can nail it down very close to fourth pass purity in just two passes and have done so but… I do far more than just runthe stuff through a rig and a two pass run requires then other stuff like a DCVC run between high vacuum short path stuff. Preboiling in iso and water then dewaxing over aluminum will grab a majority of the green out and of course waxes too. There are several subtle and unique steps that can be employed or not. I am slowly working towards my goal of reducing the process in the number of steps and am finding that some steps can be combined in a way. Adding carbon powder to the boil for instance instead of using carbon scrub before the boil at first hand seems to hold back no significant compound but appears to clean up not only the color…pay close attention here lolz… but also seems to absorb during the distillation the trace thermal breakdown products that once in the compound are bloody hard to otherwise get out without more distillation.

If this hunch is true I believe there is a significant exploit I can use. Even a tiny improvement in shelf life would be worth it to me just to know. Thanks for the nice words. I have some bandwidth for longer vids now and as some of these ideas get nailed down and prove out to be a success then I will post a longer more detailed vid focusing more on procedure than sixteen changes “just to see what happens” during a lab lol. As of last lab a huge burden in time was shed in my process. Before this last lab and my rudimentary attempt at Liquid to Liquid Extraction (of the terpenes) I had to pull all terpenes out by using a horizontal distillation rig. The sublimator cannot handle very much terp and work at all. As of this month I can shed that complete terp run done in a different rig. So it is all evolving and I can see myself taking some years to really get good at it lol.