THC-Free Distillate - 96% CBD

High quality, lab direct Broad Spectrum Distillate at great prices. CBD is at 96% with total active cannabinoids greater than 99%. This is simply the best T-Free on the market. Please call/text me at 727-543-3419 for prices, COA’s and/or samples.

What is great price?

Starting at $8750 for single kilos and drops as far as $7500 based on volume.

Is there a website you have for your lab?
What is the size and price of a sample?

I have been manufacturing FECO for 6 years for the medicinal use.
I have been contacted to manufacturer dab and distillates. I have the equipment and bud to produce big volume.

My question if there is someone that can assist. What is the normal $/L

I sell my RSO bulk for $8 per gram

Please email me @

What is your current pricing?

Singles are at $1950 per liter. For 100+, you’re at $1350. Please call/text 727-543-3419 for COA’s or additional information.

interested in a liter.