THC free cbd distillate oil

Ok guys i need some help. How do you create THC free cbd distillate? So many clients are asking for legal limit <.03% thc but we’ve tried multiple passes in wiped film and we get cbd % high AF but can’t drop THC level.

The 2 cannabinoids are to close in structure. Yes i know we can isolate them in chromotography but i need volume like 50L a day or more.

Someone has to have the secret sauce.


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Crystallize the CBD out, wash the THC off.

I hear that works, anyway.


Then you just have isolate, which from my understanding is not what this person’s clients want. They want broad spectrum distillate which you cannot just simply crystallize and selectively wash the thc away, the thc stays in the mother liquor.

So distill the terpenes from the mother liquor after removing the isolate, then, redissolve the isolate into the terpenes.

Do I win?


Get the PH of the mother liquor way up to dissolve THC in aqueous layer, neutralize mother, add isolate back into the now THC-free mother, purge. Essentially what you’re saying, correct?


I don’t know enough about how pH affects terpenes to know if that would work or not…

Cool to think about though.

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That’s what I’m planning to try as soon as I get my damn biomass in to mess with (been promised “next week” 4 weeks in a row now). With distillate though, I wonder if terps would even be an issue?


I imagine it depends on whether or not you’re actually trying to conserve them. Several terpenes very easily fall into hydrosol when they come in contact with water. So, I mean, the whole “broad spectrum” thing is still really loose right now.

I’m inclined to think that bit you lose is why it’s “broad” and not “full.”

I realize after thinking about it for 2 seconds that was kind of a dumb question… But from my understanding, distillate isn’t technically “full-spectrum” anyway. Though to make it as close to FS as you can and keep it legal, I think you could conceivably test whatever can be precipitated out of the aqueous solution and add just enough of it back to the mother liquor/cbd solution to achieve a THC concentration below .3%.

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Lol close but people want broad spectrum not just terps, plus hemp terps are not that cool typically even with the best hemp flower.

Also this whole ph thing doesnt work, at least it does not make any chemical sense. So if someone tries it and can reproduce I may believe it works but until i think future and colombo and making it up haha

Sorry but you you re-phrase this it does not make much sense to me

What else do you consider to be part of the “broad spectrum” besides terpenes and cannabinoids?

I was under the impression “broad spectrum” meant all of the psychoactives.

Edit: If I remember correctly I’ve had a few strains that were considered hemp that were delicious. AC/DC, Pure Love, and Cannatonic. (One of those might have too much THC to be hemp)

Yes because most of weed you have smoked is prolly taken care of much better than an ag grown crop like hemp unless some crazy bastard is growing hydroponic hemp.

By your method you dont have the other cannabinoids you omly have cbd and terpenes which is not broad spec.


I suppose that depends on the cannabinoid content and method of crystallization, I’d be hella surprised if CBG didn’t get caught in the CBD lattice.

Well, technically by your definition then, it’s impossible to have “broad spectrum CBD distillate” without any THC in it, unless it’s added back in at that <0.3% ratio.

Edit: Also, you didn’t answer my question, what else makes up the “broad spectrum?”

When you crystallize out of solution, what’s left in the solution is pretty much everything but the CBD that was just crystallized out. The THC stays in the mother liquor. So if you get the mother liquor you just pulled off your crystals, throw it in a sep funnel, add high PH brine, then pour off the aqueous layer and neutralize the organic layer, you now have the mother solution that is THC-free. Add the isolate back to the organic layer, now you have a solution that is high in CBD but also THC free. You could then add an acid to the aqueous layer to precipitate the THC and everything else that went with the THC out, then add some of it back to the organic layer. How much is “some” would depend on how much THC the precipitate from the aqueous solution contains.


Again, I do not believe you that this method of separation works. If this worked I would not be getting multiple phone calls per week offering me a small fortune for my THC removal technique…


My lattice contains 99.9% cbd with non detectable levels of all other chemicals… no cbg my friend

Also no it is not impossible you just have to selectively remove the thc

So you’re saying it’s not possible to remove the THC from the organic layer by raising the PH? I’m not saying your technique doesn’t get you money. But I also see people in this industry spend way too much money on dumb shit they don’t need on a daily basis. Kind of why I decided to get into this industry. As I’m sure you have seen first hand, there are plenty of completely incompetent morons making money hand over fist in this industry while providing a sub-par service to the consumer.

Not saying this technique is the most efficient or scaleable option, but as this forum is evidence of, there’s plenty of ways to skin a cat.