THC Free 93.8% CBD Distillate for Sale

THC free, 93.8% CBD, 2.28% CBN, .04% CBG distillate for sale in Colorado, but will ship where it’s needed.

COA attached.

Previously posted this in the wrong section, my apologies. so posting again in the right spot


685155-081221-CBD-Distillate.pdf (603.8 KB)

Price on a kg?

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$5,250/kg for single kg, but we can work on the price depending on higher volume

Looking for 200l standing monthly order.

Can ya do that?

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Our prices have dropped quite a bit in case anyone is interested.

What’re your new prices?

You are a few thousand too high…

For today’s prices no doubt. Original post was back in September.

1kg for 3,500/kg
2 to 5kg for 3,350/kg
5 to 10kg for 3,200/kg
10+kg for 3,000/kg