THC Compliant Disty, 30+ Kg, no minimum

Hey all, this is our first official listing since being verified. We have 30+ kilo ready to go out the door. I have attached two COAs from two different labs so you can be confident in what you are getting. Everything is shipped UPS Ground delivery at my expense. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a DM. 85.9 to 90+ % Cannabinoids per the two tests. Thanks and I have really enjoyed this place so far!!!

kilo is $1300 and 100 gram is $175.


Green.T.Comp. (1.3 MB) Potency.T.Free.4.1.2020.pdf (1.0 MB)


Congrats on getting verified and for getting your disty compliant! That sample you gave me was INCREDIBLE! Your game has stepped up!

I’m proud of you, young padawan😂


Thanks man!! Let me know if you need anything else!!