Thanksgiving in Colorado (Available for Interviews / Lab Tours / Shop Talk)

I will be in the Denver / Vail area(s) over the Thanksgiving Holiday / Weekend. I would love to meet-up if anyone is available for job interviews, or a meet-&-greet…and I would absolutely geek out if someone could give me a lab tour.

Also, feel free to make some suggestions of places to check out for a guy like myself who is trying get some experience in the industry. I’ve never really been out West so I’m looking forward to being in an area where the industry is not so stigmatized.

Resume will be provided via email, upon request.

I am a licensed Professional Engineer (Georgia) with a B.S. in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering. I have 10+ years experience as a process engineering consultant.

I have design engineering, project management, and construction management experience the following industries:

 Pulp & Paper
 Solids Handling
 Specialty Chemicals (polysilicon, biofuels, polymers, etc.)
 Water / Wastewater Treatment

I have a lot of exposure to industrial process equipment (pumps & hydraulic systems, heat exchangers, atmospheric & pressurized vessels, process safety valves, reactors, etc.). I am also familiar with piping and instrumentation.

I am currently seeking a career change and would like to pursue something in the medicinal or recreational cannabis industry.

Please feel free to reach out to me regarding any opportunities that you think might be a good fit for someone with my credentials.

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Where are you located now?

Slowly building a team out here in Wisconsin. Co2 extraction for use in CBD products.

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I can give you an extraction lab tour, I’ll likely be in SD for Thanksgiving day but heading back to Colorado Friday morning. PM me.

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