Thai hemp law defines hemp as less than < 1 % THC by dry weight

I found this interesting.

Would this increase the range of genetics possible, or just make it easier to not go over the limit?

IC_Nov 2018_Growing Hemp in Thailand Is Now Permissible (1).pdf (167.5 KB)

Vastly increases the range of genetic options, especially the Cherry based strains. With a 1% limit you can easily produce plants with 20-25% CBD.


This part doesnt look good tho:

“It was in January 2017 that a law was finally approved and passed by the cabinet to legalise hemp with a THC level of 1% or lower for industrial and medical purposes. The ten page law, packed with eighteen clauses, limits hemp production to just 15 districts in six northern provinces; Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nan, Tak, Phetchabun and Mae Hong Son. Most surprisingly, the law was supported by the country’s Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB). “Any business will be able to apply for a permit, grow and produce hemp and hemp-based products starting in January 2018 when the law takes effect,” said Dr. Sarita. “However, clause 15 states that only state and state sponsored enterprises will be allowed to grow hemp with a permit in the first three years of the law coming into effect. This means that it will be 2021 before any private company can even apply for a permit.” In addition, several news sources have alleged that the Thailand Tobacco Monopoly have been granted exclusive rights to hemp, meaning all hemp products grown can only be sold to licenced tobacco factories. “This condenses the market and will prevent innovative businesses from having a chance to produce hemp,” concluded Dr. Sarita, disappointed by the provision but overall glad that the law has finally been passed.”

Sounds like Monsanto Thai Edition