TFree CBD Distillate for Sale $650/L

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Y’all need help getting your CBD % up? Remediation normally boosts tour potency by 3-8%. So for thc free distillate to be 70% means something’s up with your distillation process. CauSe your crude going in should be 55-65% and then 1st pass disti should be 70-75% and 2nd pass should be 85-95% let me know! Happy to help


Lots of people using “degradation” right now.

Almost no COGS on it.


Nice work man.

I can take it another pass and get the numbers up but with it comes volume loss. The owner of this particular Lot only paid for single pass though. It would look like this if we ran second pass.


@DeltaHemp Can you give us a brief overview of your remediation process?

Your material increases by 20% from 1 pass??? That’s insane

I was just showing an example of what some of our second pass would look like. Although, my goal would be to hit around 85% CBD and 90% Total cannabinoids if I were to run this specific material second pass.