Testing cold ethanol extraction system with other material than hemp?

We are installing our low-temp ethanol extraction system and wiped-film distiller that should be ready well before our ability to sell THC/CBD products (licensing and other issues). We have been cleared to pretty much use our system for whatever we want outside of cannabinoids, and not just for testing purposes (i.e. we can sell the product if it isn’t regulated). Thus, I’m interested to know what other extracts I can make with the system. I saw a few references here - Kratom, Elderberry - but would like to look into a number of products. Especially ones that we could sell. Ones that are cheap to buy for testing purposes work too.

Just test the chillers and recovery systems for efficiency on ethanol without anything else. Unless you foresee an 18+ month setback on licensing, there isn’t much of a point in developing a product to market legally for experimentation.

I need to try to find something as we also need to show processes for 3 months running. Even if we don’t sell anything, it would be nice to see something come out of the machines at the end of the day. I know ethanol is used in “many extractions of herbal material” but I’m not finding a list of those.

I know some people who repurposed their equipment to extract capsaicin to feed the growing hot sauce market in their area. They sell capsaicin extract to hot sauce makers and some topical manufacturers.

I’m not sure how hard it is to clean all that capsaicin out thoroughly though.

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Rose oil 100% and you can actually make some good dough with the right outlets.

Plus if there is any type of flower district near you like there is in LA they’ll let you come sweep as many petals off the ground as you can take, it’s a waste product to them.

I would imagine anything that DoTerra does such as Lavender would work.

Flowers are strangely absent down here… I’ll certainly look into that, though. Thank you!

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