Tested meds available???

If you live in California then you are aware of the July 1st ordinance. Shops everywhere are in a panic. I’m hoping people in this community collectively have enough access to help some of the many in need.

Any and all who have clean tested available meds that meet California regulations or could even help point in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

Any knowledge on upcoming networking events/trade shows where clean meds may be available since chalice is cancelled?

Pretty sure you need to go to a licensed store selling licensed, tested cannabis to stay legal in California. Unless there’s another way to buy legal cannabis in California, that’s where this conversation ends.


I’m not a patient I’m with a retail delivery in SoCal ( kush kapitol) that’s being required to carry clean meds. Im completely fine with complying as i feel patients should not be sold poision. Are there licensed stores that sell to other stores? I’m not sure I quite grasp what you’re saying . Just trying to get in tune with this ordinance. As you may know they’re demanding that all non tested supplies either be tested or destroyed. All I need is the direction towards any cleans med carrying companies, stores or again any upcoming network events where I can find the means to stay in ordinance


ahhh I see. Carry on sir


Yeah with the corporate giant coming to stomp out the little guys I figure I’d try and do something to get ahead of it all going to be a messy year :confounded:

Started doing some homework earlier in the year so I’m not completely in the dark. but I would like to help fellow shops as much as possible even though it’s a conflict of interest I figure we need to stick together now more then ever

I believe you’ll have to contact a licensed distributor. If you’re in LA I could give you the number to my buddy’s distribution company

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I’m in san Diego but that’s close enough and would be greatly appreciated dm me please

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Are you licensed?

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I have applied and am waiting on a temporary or a approval for licensing have been operating under prop 215 in the meantime


I was wondering if you applied for a delivery license or storefront?