Terps/ terp sauce. What to do with them?

mix with distillate, put in pens, sell for high price


Ha! Great minds…


As stated twice above, use it for distillate. :triumph:


I wonder if anyone has said to make pens with it yet? lol

But as an alternative to the that (probably best) idea, you could package it in syringes and sell it for dabbing/mixing. Kind of like those old PureGold capsule dabber things, but in a syringe. You could also introduce it into edibles to give some of the strain effects back to the activated oil, or mix with topicals to make them smell fantastic.
The best money maker will be the pens, probably. However, if you wanted to put in a lot of work you could distill the terps off the sauce and sell pure cannabis terps (no thc) online.


It might be interesting as the flavor portion of a sugar hard-candy. or ice cream…
Damn, Gelato flavored gelato…


DM me, that’s what you should do


Yeah but the Terps sauce is so dark it makes the oil really dark we only put these in disposable pens where you can’t see the oil

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i love dabbing that stuff as is personally, even more than dry stones.


HTE 1/2 gram pens.

Quick question, for what understand the diamond fraction is pure thca right? So does that mean that the sauce, besides all the terpenes, also has cbd and all the other goodies?
I am trying to see if mixing sauce with disty would make a “full spectrum” product, instead of just disty mixed with just terpenes.

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Also, if you thinking about selling could you please send me a quote for half liter? Looking for long term partner.

How come nobody has caught on that you can smoke this on its own yet? It still has enough THC dissolved in solution that never crashes out properly to get you a nice little stoning.


It will make u cry


Yeah i remember when raw garden dropped their new carts months back with their terp sauce shit is straight fire :fire::fire: lot better then their first co2 carts they came out with that i had to return all back to them!!

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The ones raw garden are putting out have a nice color

Sell some to us!

Dm us too!

Do you still have the terps?

Hey! Where you located?

Hi! I as well have liters upon liters of terpy goodness. we separate based on high and low molecular weight, but cant for the life of me decide what to do with the higher molecular weight ones, they have lots of CBD so it slows down fractional distillation so i typically dont separate the high MW ones