Terpenes damage recovery pumps?

Im contracted to install a large co2 extraction system and when i asked how often the seals to the recovery pump needing to be replaced the company engineer said they dont. Maybe this is true but when i asked y dont the terpenes damage its seals he looked at me like I was crazy and said that doesnt happen. Ive replaced seals for a few systems and have read both eden and apeks recommend doing it regularly but this was a very large electric piston pump which i have no experience. So does anybody know if hes right or the reason why it wouldnt?

Because he’s a salesman, all pumps need maintenance…

its already bought and he didnt say no maintenance just not the piston seals for years

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Is the pump he is suggesting the same kind used in the oil industry? Because I hear that some SC companies are looking to replace their pneumatic pump with those.

But what material are the seals made of?