Terpene Loss in Extraction

So, I’m wondering about terpene content in other states besides CO. Seems like it’s a huge thing here, people generally don’t buy terpless anything unless it’s CBD isolate. (Which, now, there are several companies abandoning isolate for the sake of having terpene blends.)

I’ve noticed ethanol extraction is becoming really popular, but, doesn’t that effectively ruin a vast majority of your terpenes? Does it even matter?

I’ve seen some nice looking EHO, but, haven’t tried it. I have heard it tastes a bit like old BHO, which makes sense if the only difference is a lack of terpene content. I’m sure this is also the case in rosin that was pressed with any amount of heat, which would push off any of the super volatile terpenes especially. I’ve had a few types of rosin, nothing that compared to hydrocarbon or CO2 terpene content, always tasted like straight hash, or like pure THC-A (which I am truly NOT a fan of, made me feel weird/uncomfortable.)

When you boil off the ethanol you usually lose a lot of the volitale terpenes in the process. Most guys add them back to get the taste and help mellow out/balance the high. I use www.goldcoastterpenes.com they’re purple punch is amazing and they have these cool bars on the website to show me what strain to pick.

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The terpene loss is only related to the ethanol boil, or there are some condicions in the etho contact process that produces terpene loss?