Terpene Extract Nitrogen

Hi As the tittle suggest I am trying to distill cannabis terpenes, I have come across some information about using nitrogen, I was hoping some users could point me to some educational material to read on how to do nitrogen distillation.

I am hoping to do this under vacuum so to not degrade the terpenes at higher temps

Thank you

Here’s a vid. I’ve wanted to try the same.

There’s plenty of information in the essential oil literature. How much are you trying to make? From what? That pretty much limits your options.

You can buy a $169k unit from a company in Oregon that captures 50% of the available terpenes (this is a little off since there are non-terpene elements to cannabis oil essential oils). I consider this an unacceptably low yield. Also, the tech might be patented.

What solvent are they using? I havent been able to find out exactly what their solvent is in the Tandem system.

Ask them leading questions. Sometimes the things you want to know, they consider selling points.


I am hoping to make say 5ML atleast from nugs/leaf freshly frozen after harvest

If you look at the data Tandem posted on IG, their extraction is very monoterpene heavy. So temper your expectations as to obtaining an essential oil that is identical to your flower. It should still smell and taste fine.