Terpene Expire date?

Was just bout to get ready to fill myself a cart and noticed that my floraflex terpene bottle is expired. It says EXP 050320. I bought the gallon deal from flora so I just have a lot. How true is this expire date? Would it be dangerous to smoke it? I read in other forums that it’s not dangerous, but after the date it starts loosing its “effects”. I just use this for the flavoring, so what you guys think??

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Pretty sure the exp date is because the color and smell will change over time. They’ll usually get darker over time and the flavor will change/weaken due to evaporation and oxidation. If you have some of the crazier fruity or cereal :nauseated_face: flavors then you might see some precipitation of solids over time. Not exactly sure what they are but it looks like sugars (little crystals) precipitating.

Afaik it shouldn’t degrade to anything toxic

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Setting shit on fire and huffing it is a-priori “dangerous”…pyrolysis (literally “breaking with fire”) produces all sorts of nasty things, in a mostly uncontrolled fashion.

…unless you set it on fire first.

Controlled temp vaporization is safer. probably


Yea, I was speaking on it just sitting on the shelf. “Smoking” it could potentially create some harmful shit, expired or not.


Personally if the bottles/caps are all glass or something that won’t break down you are probably OK. I have a few bottles of terpenes that are a few years old in bottles with plastic caps. The terpenes themselves smell perfectly fine but it looks like they melted through the plastic a bit. Around the rim where you open the bottle there is this weird smelling shit that i’m guessing is eaten away plastic. I’m not a scientist or anything but I plan on throwing mine out for sure. On the other hand they were only like $40-$50 bottles so a very small loss.

myrcene tends to polymerize rather easily over time, even with proper storage. a lot of the high impact notes are incredibly sensitive.

generally theyre not gonna degrade into something more dangerous, but theyll taste off, or less potent.

store your terps sealed in a dark cold place. if you buy a gallon (next time) do your own shelf life study. smell, taste, and vape them for a control when you get them, and set aside samples to be checked at one month intervals.


I’ve got this hemp essential oil that was steam distilled in France in like 2004, these days its super gummy and its turned yellow.

Residue on the lid can be scraped off and looks like fire pull n snap but it smells strongly like black pepper. Probably a shit ton of caryophyllene oxide in it now.


What is the expiration date on thc / Cannabis oil? Is it 14 month to 2 years? Thx