Terp Stripping

The goal of this process is to remove terpenes (post decarb) prior to wiped film processing

Im tired of ruining pumps, maintaining dry ice traps and buying new equipment in general.

So i looked around and found the answer right before my eyes.

Ive got a 5L spd that can only make red oil for various reasons (ill talk about that later).

And then ive got a rotovap with a polysci chiller and welch diaphragm pump

I plan to connect the air/gas inlet of the recieving flask of my roto to the vacuum port of my short path’s recieving tee eliminating the need for dry ice traps or reconfiguring my lab like a crazy person

Any thoughts?

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I just asked a client considering a list of barely used equipment: “are you sure you have no use for the SPD, some folks are using them to strip terps before going into their WFE rigs…”

that said, I still think I need a 1k word substitute (picture) to wrap my head around what you’re proposing.

It sounds like a clever lash up to me. Your vacuum I infer sucks :shushing_face: so you are going to have to really cook them out with pretty hot fire methinks. I bet you see smoke particulate pulling all the way through in a rig like that but so what, right. Yay for diaphram pumps.It evolves so fast when you sizzle the boil that pressure can’t go very low but it wont go very low anyway based you you decryption.

I vote you go for it! It gonna be stinky… :flushed:

Maybe a carbon filter just before and after my pump would do my pump and myself some favors

Update: great success! download%20(1)

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not the 1k word substitute I was looking for…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

but glad this one leaves the details to our imagination.

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Have you seen the oil trap Future has been working on? I believe its to solve this problem, though not sure how your vac issue comes into play with that one

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Link? Sorry I’m lazy

The Future is Now on Instagram: "Here I lay claim to a highdea I had when hanging out with @maibachmusik. It's known as the terp bubbler and is designed to trap whatever the fuck that nasty smell that makes it into your pump oil, in pump oil, before it hits the pump! Also traps any residual terps that may have made it past the cold trap. - @LabSociety will have an improved version on the market asap, you need some heat to keep the oil from foaming and we have an elegant solution for that coming. @officialnakedextracts I have one with your name on it, as well as a free annual #GoodLifeGang membership for picking up one of my ideas and running with it. Mad respect, you are the kind of people I like to associate with 🤙🏼 - @columbolabs it works!!!!!"

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Okay, so I actually have one of those! And I have the sieve as well.

Anyone have an idea on how hot the oil should be in the oil trap? @Future

Is this the same concept as my diffusion pump for wiped film? Not really sure what that pump does all I know is the oil is hot and the vac is deeeep

I use two bags of charcoal connected at one end for the exhaust filter. I tore open the thick paper they use and duct taped them together at a corner. Then the exhaust hose is taped into the bottom of one bag and an outlet is open at the bottom of the other. Laid side by side on my patio next to the porch door where the exhaust comes out it is perfect stealth and only very close inspection would reveal the purpose.

Cabon inline with the vacuum though may not be a good idea as a filter. With a trapped gas you cannot pull as deep a vacuum. With a soaked filter that is not cryongenically cooled you also face evaporation which will degrade vacuum. Even liquid terpene in a catch flask in the system will degrade vacuum measurably with a very sensitive sensor. If all you ever processed were terps this would not be relevant but if that same system processes the MUCH higher boiling point compound THC then the evolution of gas from liquid terps is significant and measurable. When just a few drops are visible at the neck of my sublimator (first run has trace terps) the vacuum cannot pull down much past about 10 microns. Flushing the system wide open with fresh air for about a minute fixes this for me generally but a fresh air flush could not dry out a carbon filter. It traps things.

I even removed my foreline trap filter which is an inline filter filled with activated alumina spheres because after a heavy terp run it was bloody hard to clear. A foreline trap is used in mean free path (MFP) conditions (under about 10 microns or so) because the oil in the pump (and the oil in the boiling flask) evaporate and when they do under MFP conditions they travel is a random straight line. Molecules no longer “flow” the way we see things flow in nature under about 10 microns. What happens then is that the oil evaporates and takes off in a random direction and flies straight until it hits something. It sticks there for a bit then will repeat the process. This means the film of oil will travel against the “flow” and in random fashion begin to travel backwards up the vacuum line. Eventually this can reach the process so a foreline trap presents a whole bunch of spheres for the gas to overcome.

MFP gas cannot flow around anything because it travels straight. So to get around a foreline trap the molecules must repeat the process MANY more times before random random straight paths eventually work their way through the labyrinth of spherical alumina. A sphere is used because mathematically this presents the least opportunity for the random straight lines to ultimately make a path through the filter. So that kind of filter too traps contamination (pump oil) but only when MFP conditions are maintained. I still found that having once contaminated the alumina spheres it made it harder to pull down to blank off value. Much harder. So that very spendy foreline trap is now a paperweight… Terpenes… you either hate them when distilling or… you hate them when distilling… (That is why I now remove them before distillation and yield skyrocketted as a bonus though I am not sure of the mechanism why).

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