Terp Extraction in Vacuum Oven

Has anyone stripped terps in a vacuum oven and cold trap successfully?

terps from from flower? It works. You need a very cold trap to catch the goodies.

Thanks. Colder than -30C?

liquid nitrogen cold.

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deep vacuum as well. Pull below 100mtorr

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I have during the decarboxylation step, cold trap needs to be well below -30 like @bg007 said. Use a sep funnel to remove the water then centrifuge out the impurities.

From my experience the terps collected at the decarb step can be pretty wrank…and smell like feet. What temp are you decarbing at?


The only good terps from decarbing came from really high quality weed. Hemp terps from decarbing smell like a barnyard.

The only issue with those terpenes collected at the decarbed oil step is that you most likely used ethanol as your solvent for winterization, so your “terps” that you collect will be heavily contaminated with ethanol.

Decarb happens wayyy before winterization in my process.

Milling -> Decarb -> Extraction -> Winterization

Absolutely zero ethanol in those terps

Do you extract room temp?

I primarily use Supercritical CO2 Extraction

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So you have a cold trap on your decarb oven? Are you using Ethanol as your extraction solvent for cannabinoids?

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The cold trap is a separate piece of machinery, set up in line between the vacuum pump and the oven to catch any terps. As stated above I primarily use Supercritical CO2 Extraction, although I will be dabbling in ethanol extraction a bit more here shortly.

Just curious, why arent you extracting CO2 extractd terpenes?

They’re just a byproduct, I’m after cannabinoids. A usable byproduct nonetheless if the input material is good.

What vac pump would you recommend for terpene strip in vac oven? And does cfm on the pump matter?

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there is a video on youtube called “capturing terpenes with a cold trap”
should help but they dont actually show it working so if someone wants to post a vid of actually doing a run that would be sick.