Temps and Times for Decarbing CBGa to CBG

Hi folks. New to the forum. First post. Nice to meet you.

I’m looking for information on decarbing plant material to convert CBGa to CBG prior to an ethanol extraction.

I’ve looked over the forum and did not see this discussed before. And I Goolged for awhile last night and couldn’t find anything specific enough to use.

Thanks for any insight you may have to share.

Cbg as the only cannabinoid on the biomass ?
Or Cbg as one of the family of cannabinoids on the biomass ?

Shango Los?!

Good question. Im also curious as to whether cbg or cbga is more prone to crystallization. Sorry to hijack your post :v:

Cbg cristalizes better than cbga


If biomass is heated in an oven at 120C for 3 hours iT is mostly 90% decarbed
Yust make sure No biomass touches the oven heating ellements for iT can start to burn :weary:

CBG is in biomass alongside the full spectrum of cannabinoids.

Thanks Roguelab. Do you have any documentation for support or anything you can point me to with a chart? There is usually a sliding scale of heat vs time in decarbing. That is what I am looking for. Someone must have studied this already and written about it. Thanks!

Try this :grinning:

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Right, just like that but for CBG, not good ol’ THC.

The Cbg acitic bond is the same so the thermal reaction necesary to break iT seems the same
Sorry indeed not much refrance on Cbg alone

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That insight is helpful to me! Thanks for elaborating. Very valuable. That gives me a next direction to research. CBG specific info doesn’t seem to exist.


Howdy, I just got some Oregon CBGA flower third party tested @ 21.3%. What temp should I set my vaporizer to decarb to CBG? Thank you.

Did you ever get an answer tot his question? I have some CBG concentrate – need to know if its de-carbed or not – I can send to lab but that hurts me in my anus.

Volume ?
Heating it to 100C should show if it s decarbed by the amount of small bubbels beeing produced

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Thanks @Roguelab – good idea – I’ll try that