Temp you start losing potency for Distillate

Hey do you know anything about what temp you would start losing potency on some THC free distillate?

I’m asking because I have some customers using Distillate for making food like Salsa, and mustard and stuff. I want to know at what temp will they start losing potency

Basicly loozing deu to temp won t happen since If Any water is in the recipe the stuf won t heat up over a 100C
And i have had oil at over a 100C for over 6 hours with a CBN at 4%
What does concern me is the natural acids in the recipes with or without heat
Isomerization Could occure
Which might be considdered löss If delta 9 is changed

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Or cbd for that matter to delta 8

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You can convert CBD into Delta-8?

Are they cooking above 450F?

Yes and delta 9 and delta 10
And probably even delta 13
isomerization delta 8 and 10 are most
Seen in accidental isomerizations
For example C bleach with a to high ph
Or Carbon with a high ph
Can cause cbd to change to thc


The temperatures used for those items is not anywhere near the smoke temp of the oil as a rule of thumb and as a rule of thumb if you stay under the smoke temp of a typical extract then any conversion from heat of the THC will be negligible. If held at elevsted temps intentionally over say days then perhaps some might convert.

Smoke point varies but my tests in my home lab show a smoke point of baout 165°C. It has to do with free fatty acids breaking down I think but it also happens to be when a baporizer hit starts tasting kind pf harsh too. You can google for smoke point of oil and get a good explanation. I have baked oil by itself as a test at 185°C setting in my oven long enough it was beginning to smoke pretty good and turning dark and red/brown but this was by itself in a ceramic dish.