Technician/Manager/Consultant available in SoCal

Hey all. I’m currently in Los Angeles and available for hire. I have 5+ years experience with hydrocarbon extraction, ethanol extraction, distillation, crystallization, post-processing methods, and custom system design. I have lab tests to back up some distillations and have consulting reference in the industry locally. I also have basic CAD experience.

I’m happy to start things off on a basic consulting basis, or I can come in as an hourly operator. I can help you source things like large, affordable NB / ASME certified vessels, high pressure chromatography columns, etc. I can help you replace your rotary evaporators with something stainless and modular… There are lots of ways I can help around a manufacturing facility, and I keep my work honest and consistent. If anyone is interested, please let me know where to send my resume or how I should contact you.

Thanks for any consideration!


I’ve got 2 manufacturing labs starting shortly and we’re starting to talk with prospective staff members. I’m in to high level folks that can be versatile and hit the ground running. Please send me your bio package and any referrals you can give me to:

We’re starting in a matter of 2-4 weeks in SoCal plus the desert.



Available in SoCal


Are you available for more opportunities?

Email me when you can:

Please shoot me your complete experience and what you are looking for to see if we can see what can be done.