TC seals. CLS question

Vitron or PTFE ? For dry ice temps?? Thanks guys. I heard PTFE leaks. Is this confirmed by any of you lot? I’m getting ready to do a run in a month and setting this little rig up. It’s only 2 X spools ( 12" X 1.5") CLS. one with material and another with tons of unbleached coffee filters (as packing to prevent clogging of screens.). I’m not sure if it’s the best idea for packing but I’m just trying to do this redneck style. None of this fancy analytical grade packing. Let me know if it’s worth getting tho. Or any good alternatives. Coffee filters might actually do the opposite, idk.

And I got some solvent tanks main one 4"x4" and another bigger recovery tank. I was just going to stick the whole system in a giant cooler filled with dry ice and iso. Let it get cold then open the valve to the extraction column, not sure whether to split the two columns with a valve. Please advise.

Got a question.

How long should I let the solvent soak with the material. With dry material?

It’s a cute little system and I wanted to do some live material small scale extractions end of the summer.

Hope all you guys are doing well and I really love all the content on this forum. You guys are great. Geniuses.

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Personally and this is personally…i only use viton gaskets in every single spot in my extractor…i use acetone and dry ice with with my tanks…and i use dry ice and alcohol in my dewaxing spools…never one seen a gasket disintegrate. These are chinese FDA viton gaskets. The old cinnamon smelling ones ive seen disintegrate before but i dont think that was viton.

I dont soak material. i run sub zero top down threw a 3x24 dewaxing spool(dry ice/iso)…into a 6x12 dewaxing column(dry ice/iso) which i leave the extracted oil in there for an hour or so. i have a valve in between my dewaxing spool and dewaxing column and another between my dewaxing chamber and collection tank. Then i dump into my collection tank which is usually sitting in dry ice/acetone.

This is how i make cured resin…not all my stuff need dewaxing like that, but typically i like to make one dewaxed batched that i purge super low.


thanks for that, that is really helpful, I wanna grow diamonds / terp sauce,

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I can confirm that PTFE seals are more likely to leak that elastomer based seals. At least until you get cold enough that your elastomer is no longer elastic.

my preferred gasket solution combines PTFE & Viton

you can find them at most suppliers for our industry.

Best Value Vacs carries them as a for instance.

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PTFE/Viton envelope gaskets. Viton will shrink and leak and pfte is a bitch to seal by itself. Best of both worlds really

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looks like im buying new gaskets soon…thanks guys. Never gets old learning new stuff. awesome

train your operator(s) to check gasket integrity at cleaning and at assembly. they degrade over time. over-tightening can force the viton through the PTFE. consider gaskets a consumable. always have spares. never run with a visually damaged gasket.

the bronze nuts on your clamps are also a consumable. bolts as well on a longer timescale.

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How’d those new gaskets work out for ya?