Tar gleaning run with temp and pressure shown

I went around and collected all the black tar that had any trace of stickiness to it. This is a sure bet cannabinoid is present. This is off my vaporizer puck being cleaned daily in solvent, my labware, and all the odds and ends that I end up with when I run plus some DCVC tailings. Looks like a nice haul this time and will likely run it again. The choice is to boil the flask dry but have darker compound or boil off just enough for a good harvest and wait until next months med run to blend it with. Ideally I would always have about half of the cannabinoid still in process owing to the way I glean tailings.

Gleaning is SUPER easy compared to running crude because all the terps and low boiling compounds are gone. I glean with acetone and that boils off from the tall bottom half of the unit quickly. Then under vacuum as seen I collect the isolate. Purity is directly impacted by stir bar speed and temp. Higher temps or speed churns up unwanted darker compounds so slow is the way to go.

Next step? Look at the controls here. The vacuum pump is already on castors. I am thinking a self contained roll around unit to combine it all. I could get my lab table back and automate a few of the tedious parts.


I got the jam and pancakes out…:pancakes:

How Big would a fresh pancake get in a bell jar vacuum chamber pulled down to a micron?

Idk? Depending on the fluffyness probably somewhat big. I’m thinking about possibly getting the pancake to absorb some butter under vacuum into its pores… That way the jam doesn’t drip off from the butter on top!:exploding_head: