Taking a shot at selling my ethanol extraction lab

Item Model/Manufacturer: Cema Instrument
Description: We ran 12 hour shifts and could easily process 100-120lbs of biomass. Selling entire package for $250k. If the asking price is met, I will set the equipment up and train to ensure you are successful. Equipment is not UL listed so would be great for hemp or other markets.

100L jacketed centrifuge
6” filter skid with various spools and micron screens
2 - 150L jacketed tanks
1 - 300L jacketed tank
2 - 100k btu rianni heaters
1 - 6” falling film evaporator
1 - 38kw chiller
Several vacuum pumps
2 - 20L roto evaporator
1 - 10L short path distillation

I have bins full of other fittings and pieces to go with. Not even close to all equipment pictured.

Price/MSRP: $ 250k
Current location of item: Michigan


That sounds low for that size fuge, which looks like 30-35lb load, and should be capable of cycle times in the 30min range (120lb in 2hrs).

was solvent recovery your bottle neck?

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Ethanol recovery was definitely our bottle neck. This system was recovering 30 gallons an hour. We could probably double that by increasing vacuum flow. We usually only had one person working crude production while another distilled and another filled carts or made gummies.
It has kept 3 people gainfully employed for the past 3 years. The only reason I’m selling is because I got a very very nice offer for me and all of my team to move into a licensed facility.


don’t suppose you’d be willing to sell piecemeal? if so i’m curious about the specs on the 38kw chiller. thanks

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I may be open to the idea…i kinda would like to give someone a chance to take the whole thing first. I’ll circle back with you in a few weeks.


how much for the fuge?


Make me an offer

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Im interested if its still for sale