T-Free Distillate for Sale

Looking to get rid of some of our inventory of t-free.

Will provide pictures & COAs upon interest.

Also will require POF

Cannbinoid %:
CBD - 88.11
CBG - 3.45
THCV - .17
CBDV - 1.2
Total: 92.93%

Please let me know if you are interested on here or at bret@honeygoldprocessing.com


Looking for long term bulk contracts at 2250-2500$ per kilo depending on quantity needed. Can also do singles for 2900$. Feel free to reach out if you need anything, also looking to sign up a few 100L remediation contracts if anyone has an interest.

Note: this is pure from biomass (nothing added in), and we use column chromatography for remediation.

Apologies for photobucket logo…

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Could be intrerested in a remediation contract within th coming months . Shoot me an email at Tyler@bestbudsky.com and we can discuss. Thanks

Just shot you an email, thank you for your interest!

Bump with pics

What price?

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2250-2500$ per kilo depending on quantity needed. Can also do singles for 2900$. @ceebeedee

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There might be interest in my market. What quantity do you consider to be a bulk contract?

@GummyJ 5-10, 2500$, 10+ I can do 2250. Feel free to email me bret@honeygoldprocessing.com if there is any interest. I can also PM my phone # if needed.

Thank you for the information. I have you in my phone & will be in touch next week to discuss further.

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I know this is a post for his T-Free Distillate, but I just made a purchase from Bret this week of some CBD isolate. He shipped promptly, utilized invoices and made payment easy and professional.

I’m not here to just leave a glowing review. Honey gold processing shipped the order with a CA in a transparent sleeve. This, alongside a sturdy container with a proper seal, allowed me to decontaminate everything proper with 70/30 Ethanol upon receipt.

That’s a big deal right now. I wanted everyone to know this great idea. Thanks Bret.

Really appreciate the nice words, we try out best to give our customers the best QA/QC possible along with transparent and quick logistics.

We have plenty of supply for anyone that is need in isolate, distillate, crude , FSO, water soluble and etc.