Switchblade style vape pen ive been selling

These might be alil novelty but they are very eye catching and conversation starting. They dont have adjustable voltage but they do have built in chargers

this short loop shows the flow of some subcritical co2 terp sauce over just ~one second below room temp. in an attempt to demonstrate viscosity. This is what I use if a run comes out to thick for my carts.

Sorry about the dirty fingernails i had just been processing trim

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Under 10$ for the battery and tank including packaging at small order quantities. I got batteries by themselves around 7$ each

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Looks like a German car key…I love it.

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yea thats more what its designed to look lik but it’ll always be switchblade style to me lol

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Where do we go to purchase at this $ and what is order min to get $?

bbtank is the company these r from but i know from talking to other companies that at least 3 other companies r coming out with a variation not to mention resellers. min order is 100 but they will usually do a sampler order if u ask

Is that straight from bbtank company or is there someone specific I should contact [quote=“Plant2pipe, post:3, topic:281”]

Which companies if I May ask?

I know my homie down here has a variable one he sells. @theatomkit on ig. He sources them from bbtank.