Sure fire way to pass a mouth swab in ten days without quitting smoking

Hello everyone. Was just offered a great job opportunity ( not in the industry unfortunately) but the kicker is they want me to pass a one time mouth swab. I am a medical patient and use cannabis for a variety of ailments. I have smoked cannabis everyday for the past 25 years at least. It would definitely be no easy feat to have to quit for awhile so, if anyone knows how to definitely pass a swab without quitting it will be on this forum. Thanks everyone in advance.

Maybe creatine? Mouth swabs aren’t too accurate


I smoked the night before a mouth swab test when I was working in pharmacy, and the morning of I just brushed my teeth, used mouthwash, washed with alcohol, and then washed with hydrogen peroxide (don’t swallow any lol) and then alcohol again. Worked like a charm, but it’s just anecdotal. I just used all the cleaning stuff I could think of basically.

Also @SeymourGreen how’d you get out of the industry? I’m desperately trying to get out with little luck, any insight appreciated!


Be sure to rinse between swishes of bleach and glass cleaner!

In all seriousness, abstain or just borrow someone else’s spit (who isn’t pregnant).


lmfaoo ayoo!!! This was a long time ago, just sharing my experience xD


I also passed a mouth swab like @terplord420 by using mouthwash, H2O2, and mouthwash again (5min before test in car). I smoked like an hour before the test and passed. It’s easier to pass a swab than a urine analysis, you only need to abstain for 48hrs max or rinse the cannabinoids from your mouth.


From the Netherlands, the police test with those things here, 2 days seems about correct, maybe longer or shorter depending on stuff.

Rinse with mouth wash, maybe some milk, the fat in milk should also absorb some😂 and then with mouth wash again.

But 48 hours in combo with a whole lot of mouth washing should be ok.

I’m at the point here like, ok, heres my car, heres my keys have fun adios amigos😂 with the police using things if they pull me over😂

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@terplord420. I’m almost 50 years old so, I’ve done many different things in my time. One of them was shipping manager for a small, commercial restaurant equipment manufacturer a few years back. I applied on indeed at a company that makes custom doors and windows that was starting out at $27.50 for basic P.I.T. equipment operators. I applied just for shits, and giggles. Didn’t even expect to get a call back since I put in my cover letter that I was a medical marijuana patient, with no plan to ever quit smoking. To my surprise, they called me Monday, had my interview at noon today, and the lady hiring said they had an opening for a shipping manager. She said based on my past experience, she can offer me $32.00 an hour to start, a $3000.00 sign on bonus, and full health benefits starting day one. All as long as I can pass a one time mouth swab by the 26 of August lol! It’s honestly to good of an offer to pass up for minimal aggravation and exertion.



:rofl::joy::rofl: friggin hilarious!

I only ask this question because I have a friend who tested positive on a swab even after 10 days of abstinence! :tired_face:

Hell yeah, stop smoking for a min and take that gig and run.


Online consensus is to rinse your mouth with peroxide. I would think an oil would work better. Mouthwash is another option, but some places test you for alcohol, too.

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ive heard swabbing it under your nuts works


Gotta have some “shweaty balls” for that lol!

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I believe you, everybody can test differently.

I tried joining the Navy after high school ('02), but failed the drug test 47 days after stopping smoking. I hadn’t been smoking long, only about a year but it was like marathon smoking lol an oz a day some days. They told me don’t come back for 6 months so I then tried the Army and the recruiter bought me one of those drinks from a smoke shop to pass a test, for some reassurance. I chickened out when I took a piss and it came out neon green. I decided to go to school instead, my mom was relieved.

Good luck in the new job, sounds like a cool company. I have no doubt you can pass the test.

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