Supplemental UV light questions

What are peoples thoughts on supplemental UV light added during late flower when using led lights? I have read mixed information regarding benefits- some say uvb has almost no benefit and you want uva, but i know high intensity UV can cause some undesired effects on plants.

From what i have gathered, it can boost trichome production but seems best used only in the last couple of weeks.

Does anyone add additional UV in small amounts throughout the entirety of flower? Just wondering if it is actually worth it and what kind of differences folks have observed when rerunning genetics that they are familiar with.

I run UVa/b through my entire flower cycle, including pre flower.

UV is 100% a stressful input.

However, used correctly UV has so many benefits its insane. Microbial, and pest control are some really nice side effects of adding supplemental UV.

in my experience running a high UV garden takes some adjustments in style, specifically around pruning and defoliation. This is sound logic in my mind, and proven through experience, however I have little scientific proof to validate my claim.

With higher quality, higher penetrating light, with supplemental out of spectrum radiation(UV/FR) you want a denser canopy of old growth foliage with the highest amount of photoreceptors. This gives the plant the ability to “sense/see” it’s environment, which in turn allows for faster metabolic activity through out the cryptochrome and phytochrome systems, as well as other metabolic pathways. There are also some feed and water advantages to having a greater amount of foliage that play into the metabolism of the plant in a system we really can’t control. In essence giving the plant more control over itself.

To give you and idea of my UV light schedule, I start around 2 hours of UV light at “mid day” day 1 of flower. They are still immature plants. My UV period will grow into all 12hrs for the last 3 weeks of flower, dependant on genetic sensitivity.


I had read before you should not use moe than 3 hours of uv per day cycle. I have no direct experience with UV and Im truly asking for your experience.

I have been wanting to test UV as underlighting for the lower canopy once I get everything settled with the build. I have ready the many benefits of UV lighting and under canopy lighting.

Add a single supplemental bar to your garden and experiment. I litterally just told you everything I do basically above. Nothing is set in stone because each strain and chemotype responds differently. You are going to regret you didn’t get enough bars for your entire space :wink: but it’s a great way to test it out


We all had UV blasters as kids and had no idea

Burn the retinas out of the mites like we did as kids!

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Well, im going to try some supplemental UVA at 2 hr/day to be extra cautious and do the full 12hr in my last 2 weeks. Ill report back on the topic in a couple months when i get results. Running the same cut as my last run, so i should be able to compare them easily.

I am on my 4th cycle using the GC ROI 720’s with UV

I was told not to use before the 4th week after the flip and to introduce it starting with 1hr and increase an additional hour every 4 days until reaching no more than 6 hours total.

Because I was running a new strain, whether it helped or not I do not know, but there outcome was good

Next cycle with a strain I have run for several years, I decided to not listen. Big mistake, I added the UV the first week after the flip and increased until by the 4th week I was running the UV’s 12 hours a day… stressed the phuck out of the plants. That is what I get for not listening to sage advice

Third cycle with a tried and true strain that already produced heavy yielding frosty buds was all it took to make be a believer. I didn’t start the UV’s until the fourth week and increased to a total of 5 hours and that seemed to be spot on. The yield increased by about 25% and the trichome production to the already frosty buds was off the hook.

Getting ready to switch out another area to the GC’s


Are you saying with UV supplementation you defoliate less?

Yes. Less defoliation, less targeting older growth. Lollipop early flower. If you defoliate like normal, your going to fry your plants. The actions a plant takes, are triggered or revolve around light. All of them. The plant needs to be able to sense this light, and sense it everywhere.

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*Other lights off just to show coverage.

Well the coverage could be better, I opted to just start with a couple pucks of UVA. Should still be able to gauge its impact. Starting with 1 hour at first day of week 4 since flip. Lets see how this goes.


I know a lot of people suggest that you don’t run your UV untill the end of flower… Im of the opposite opinion.

End of flower, very little of the work the plant is doing is going into producing new resin. The flower is simply bulking, which it would do to produce food for its offspring, and the resin you do have is starting to cure and degrade, and with the addition of high intensity UV light, more than likely at a faster rate.

We can detect THC-A and THC relatively easily with UV light because the chemicals fluoresce the light into the 400+ nm range. The plant does this when it’s alive to protect itself from the harmful ultra violet rays. This is the response that will give you the resin production you are looking for… However, the plant must “feel/see” the ultra violet radiation at an appropriate time in its life cycle and it’s metabolic rate must be sustained as it is a heavy process for the plant.

This phenomenon is also why UV garden tend to finish earlier than garden without supplemental lighting

Providing the ultra violet light at the end of the flower cycle is NOT the best time. I would even argue that the last 2 weeks of your flower cycle the UV light could be turned off(I appreciate the antimicrobial effects in late flower protecting my fruit)