Supercritical C02 Fruit extraction tips?

Hello! I work at a extraction facility in WA state running one of Edens Supercritical C02 machines. We’ve recently brainstormed the idea of running fruit through our machine in an attempt to harvest terpenes & different flavors/usable products and was curious if anyone has had any experience attempting this?

There’s some concern with using dried/vs frozen fruit (The two fruits we’ve been playing w/ are blueberries and mango’s currently) Frozen would ideally be more fresh and theoretically have more flavor but we’re worried about the water content in the vessel and the possible soluble sugars that could clog the machine or otherwise deter the process.

Dried:Less terpenes(Loss during drying process):Less flavor

W/ Super-critical c02 our concern is the temperature and pressure of the vessel and how the frozen (and dried fruit) will handle. Worried that the water content will be too much for the machine and if we’re doing fresh/vs frozen will the sugars be carried over into our crude?

Anyone any notes or experience on this endeavor?

On the same subject - Heidolph does some pretty interesting things in the culinary world with their rotovaps.

Excited to see your results!


see-thru pie!

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I’m not sure about extracting fruit with CO2, I would probably try a subcritical extraction that you spin down in a centrifuge so you don’t run into any issues with winterization…

Alternatively, one idea that had been tossed around was making an ethanolic extract of the fruit, and distilling that in a rotovap. The resulting distilled ethanol should have some flavor… you could then use this ethanol during the winterization step (if you winterize) and it might impart some flavor.
There is a distillery in Leavenworth that makes flavored spirits this way.

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Try to freeze dry fruit then sub critical if possible if no super critical.