Summit SPD

Was quoted 45k for just glassware and “around 90k” for complete 5L SPD with heater/chiller and pumps :joy:

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What ??? You are kidding
Talking about green tax

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Chiller ?? What a savant (coldtrap)

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You sure the decimal was in the right place? I just built a 5L on their website using all of the most expensive options and it doesn’t even come to half that.


I called in and those are the numbers I was given by the person I spoke with. I will try the online option and see if there is a difference

I’d recommend medicating before, cause their site is a motherfucker to navigate. Building your own setup can get frustrating on there.


$23,853.25 out the door for one of my Xtractordepot full turn key 5L systems.

Table, lattice, clamps, full inch bore, glass, pumps, julabo heater/chiller, hoses, fluids, all the equipment to get started.
For reading this far I’ll take off 10% lol.


That is super ridiculous I have priced out a summit setup and it doesn’t even cost that much it’s around 45k for a full setup. And cheaper if you dont go with a spd.7 ot spd.6 if you go with a smaller older version it’s even cheaper. Summit does have some of the higher pricing per item but all their items are by far the highest quality compared to 90% of any other companies. Just go on their website and price out a full system then ask for the 5-15% discount they give.

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2002 called, they want their web designer back!


Like fishing around on tor



Didnt you already know? You had to call and ask for the discount. :roll_eyes:


Wonder if the glg discount wich was a farce anyway still stands now rhat he want s to seu


i personally think @david has the best glass for the cash. That dude will make you just about anything in any configuration for under $1000 then its just your duty to find the pump and heater. This can all be done for under $5000 if your thrifty, and still run main bodies under 50 micron.

We got 3 quotes from summit starting at like 90k to 360k. The person i was helping still wanted to go summit


Well than you can t blame summit
If there are still fools that want to pay those numbers


Good grief, you can get a 6” SS VTA for that kind of money.


What size kit are you looking for? That is ridiculous. There are definitely better options with better customer support than Summit.

Something here doesn’t sounds right…

What chiller, what pump, what heater? Maybe their new techno mantel is big money…

There was confusion on my end and the person I talked to at summit. They did reach out and get me the quote I was after and cleared up any confusion

New techno mantle is around 2700, calibrated.


Hawt damn I’m happy with that price