Summit pig filter


Has anyone been able to run the pig filter by summit? How many gallons of tincture are you running through it before changing your filters?


I wanna see that thing run as fast as it does.


I saw the old one “run”. It spewed solution everywhere. New one looks dope though


You can get “pig filter” or filter presses from many places. Ertel alsop sells them for cheaper than summit does id imagine.


That thing just looks like a filter press.


It is. Nothing, I mean, almost nothing in this industry is made just for this industry. It was made by someone else for something else and a stoner got the bright idea to implement it. That’s about as ground breaking anyone is in this game. Very few actually “invented” anything.


Has anyone ran summits pig filter with the new ram? Wondering if you can actually fully winterize with it on 1 pass?




And then upcharge times 10 lol. The prices for these items is crazy lol


It’s ridiculous. I will say, there is a few things here and there that had to be modified to work with what we do, but that’s really it. Every industry uses what we do, we’re just loading the equipment with a difference substance and that magically makes it more expensive. I have buddies that weld heat exchangers, that they crawl into to weld. We’re tiny on the production scale.


Indeed. My day job, we use equipment in the o&g and petrochemical industry that is a fraction of the cost of comparable process equipment in the cannabis world. With the prices of biomass plummeting it wont be much longer where these prices have to equalize or everything will be bought from China lol


Locally made will always have a market. Depending on what it is, I’m all about it. Other things, I see no use paying upwards of a thousand for something that I can get for $100 and get the same results. I’m with you completely


Simple youtube search: here is Elliot demoing the PIG with the new ram. Part 1 of 2. It does look fast. And it seems very capable of inning winterized at high speeds.


your mom looks like a filter press


Thanks jay, I’ve seen that video. I was looking to find someone besides Elliot that has used one.

After looking around on IG, the filter pig still leaks even with the 6,000lb press.


Damn that’s no good. Hit up they have filter presses that work!


@710dabtek have you used the filter yet? Did you guys get one out there with all those shiny sexy toys you have now


If you have ever used a filter press, they are designed to leak. Even with o-ring filter bags, they leak a bit. Just collect it and add it back the the filtrate. Adding too much pressure to the stack can actually crimp the filter bags and cause more leaks. You want to talk to filter press experts, call H.W watermark. They have been doing this for almost 100 years I think.


Would be nice to have a collection tray angled back towards the feed tank. Autocycling perhaps.


Here are some other options, from the wine industry:

I bought a cartridge filter from these guys.