Sulphur removal

I searched for sulphur remediation but didnt find an amswer to my specific question. I made shatter using butane. I used 350g crx to 2lbs biomass. The shatter is beautiful but tastes like rotten egg belches. My question is this. If i redissolve the slab and crystallize it then spin off the terps the crystals shouldnt have a flavor or smell right? The flavor should be in the terp fraction? I only ask insyead of exoerimenting bc i dont have a centrifuge yet. If this would work then that would make the centrifuge a priority because i have more biomass from the same farm amd cant get my money back on it.

Search “copper scrubbies”. That should pull up info on how to rid sulfur from extracts


Found everything i need! Thank u very much! :pray:


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Drip filtration is the best way over carbon bed that’s structured. Works wonders.