Success Stories?

With legalization coming to Illinois Jan 2020, i plan on launching my company either November or early December, with the current demand for cartridges it should go really well.

Any stories you guys would like to share?

Dont use @TrueTerpenes dilutent!

Get ahead of the game now. Have the plan already in motion. Where you source all from, who packages, etc.

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Currently speaking to a package manufacturer atm, but what carts do you recommend? i was planning on going with some ccell clones but i also read they fail a lot

Well some clone carts are testing + for heavy metals. I’m using @Ascent .5ml ceramic carts (please hurry, almost out, lol). All feedback has been positive. Minus a few mishap with 1x no fire or a cart that breaks.

Some havebgrwat luck with @FloraplexTerpenes or @Sweeterps.

Get your packaging, cart choice, and design made before the start to get the word out about your product line.

This is your 1st “spoon”. We strive for everyone to do their du diligence in searching this out vs “spoon feeding” you the info.

I’m in a good mood, so I’m slacking at the moment.

Btw, vistaprint does my vape cart insert
$10.00/500 inserts
Cost me 50.00 to have a buddy design for me. Is it some prime-TV ready material, no. But its draws your eye to it.


They also (most) absorb upto .3ml into the ceramic. I spent 6months and many of dollars getting good carts and a recipe. This was way before any forum like this existed, back then pope hung up on me when i said id fly out and pay cash.


I’ll sell you my SOP for…



Lol you’re gonna be one of the folks in Illinois extracting? Must be nice to be so ridiculously wealthy

You have looked at the way they’re regulating right?


Its so nice of all these states to legalize and make it so only rich politician friends can get in… PA’s medical program is a all around joke

I design my own packaging, just message me if you would like to see