Stuck gaskets

I’ve got a rubber mallet that I use when gaskets are stuck but this time I just can’t seem to remove the connection.

I had a buddy bring over an old column he had that’s been clamped with a lid and filter plate for over a year. Neither the lid or filter plate will budge.

What should I do?


Put 3-5psi air behind it…and then hit it with a hammer.

Or use a garden hose to pressurize it (what, you don’t have a tri-clamp to garden hose adapter yet?)


I have a co2 tank but my dog was looking at me like it was a bad idea


try dropping something heavy down the tube like a slide hammer, watch your toes boys!

Much safer idea :slight_smile:

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you could use the laws of thermodynamics! cap both sides and take a heat gun to it. it may have just enough pressure to crack the seal. slide hammer though… i like that.

Edit: clamp the unstuck side lol leave the sticky side clamp off :wink: