strange oil?

I’ve noticed after leave my SP system vac down over night there is a much more liquid oil sitting on the top of the oil in the ball. It has a smell very similar to the terp ball but I do that on a mono cow and then after put my 3 balls on. I’m wondering with keeping the ball under vacuum am I pulling up the less stable oil in each ball. I had less stable oil test and it came back at 80% THC and the main body came back at 95% THC. I found it interesting and wanted to see if anyone else had noticed this.

If you are leaving everything under vaccum overnight it is possible that the volitile fraction is evaporating and sweating into the good product flask. The other possibility is your vaccum lines are draining into your poroduct. You leave this connected to your cold traps as well? Are you allowing them to thaw connected to the system.

The cold trap does thaw but the lines sit below the balls so the lines shouldn’t be able to drain anywhere. As far as volatiles they would have to be at a super low boiling point to make it over because our vape temp is at 26c. I would think I pulled all the low boiling stuff when I did my terp ball which I take off before my main collection.