Strains that do well for honeycomb wax crumble

Which strains would be a good choice to grow outdoors for high quality wax crumble?
Grease monkey? Ethos lilac strains sound interesting. Do hazes or sativas in general produce what I’m after?

I’m wanting a nice solid product in the end. Not a budder or sugar person.

Mucho gracious

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Making “crumble” has more to do with how it was extracted than the strain itself.


There’s a lot of variables to that answer. Granted certain strains do have more terpenes than others. But, it is going to be how it was grown, stored, and extracted to get that answer.


Yo have to whip it and vac it till it’s dry

That removes a lot of the terpenes. Those were the things making it not stable for you.

It’s a trade off between texture and terp content. I’ll always take the terps


I’ve done both Grease Money and Lilac Diesel and they both extracted incredibly well for what I sent out. I though it was lipid/fat/wax to terp ratio for honeycomb crumble, but I don’t get my hands dirty with that stuff as a grower.


Blue dream was basically auto crumble and damn near impossible to not have come out right. But it is blue dream so theres that