Storing cannabis-humidity question

I was getting ready to pack and store some of my harvest in vacuum seal bags. Turns out the bovitas j was sent were 69%. Can this cause major issues not being the 62% sweet spot? Am I better off not using any bovita at all or is the 69% ok. These probably won’t be stored for all that long or a time. Just want to protect the flower for now

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You ONLY use those packs for long term storage. NOT to dry and cure cannabis.

Also, from experience, those packs are garbage. I have 3x half gallon Mason jars packed full of those garbage packs.


I wouldn’t use the 69% for storage, unless you are trying to rehydrate the bud.

I like the 58% packs better.

Ideally you want to keep water activity below .60 so there will be no microbial proliferation

Nitrogen or some other inert gas is great for long term. They have large scale storage solutions that incorporate that.

Small scale use oxygen scavengers and intergra packs. Bovedas eat terpenes.