Stored Ethanol Extracted Tincture Degradation

I am contemplating running some biomass thru our ethanol extractor and storing in a freezer until we get our FFE in place.
Is this a bad idea?
Will it degrade?
Any ideas on the best temperature to store it at?
How long could I store it for?

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how much biomass? how long till your evaporator comes in.
got a rotovap? you’ll need one to finish after the FFE.

in 15 gal beer kegs at -20C it should be good for years imo.

although the fire marshal probably won’t be happy if he discovers you’ve got 12 $100 craigslist chest freezers that each have 45gal of high test in them :wink:

at 80% fill and rm temp they should be good for several weeks. especially if you put nitrogen in the head space.


I have a small jar with 75g crude (80% filled) and vacuumed sealed sitting for at least 2 months. Worth keeping?

Sorry to derail a bit. Just dont want to add to new fresh crude.

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So I would need a Rotovap after using a Tru Steel or Colorado Extractions ethanol recovery evaporator?

falling film can totally purge solvent… rotovap is obsolete for anything but small science. *edit - why is this big and bold?

thca stores well in cold solvent for months.


I thought u dont use ethanol lol

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Haven’t used either. Have a trusteel unit next to the BOCK I’m rebuilding. My understanding is you’ll need a rotovap (or some other solution) to get the last 10%.

Think about where the fully purged extract would be if you pulled all the solvent in a falling film…

I think you can pump the oil with a gear pump to flow through ffe another time to get residuals.

You would have to maintain heat in the collection vessel to deal with viscosity

I believe Colorado Extraction Systems told me their spray vap would remove down to 400ppm.

I should have my own data on the subject shortly.
Not needing a rotovap to finish would be great.
I’ll believe it once I’ve seen it.

I would be more than happy to be wrong on this one…but I’m easy like that.
wrong == learned something == a good thing! :wink:

400ppm is better than I usually see from the rotovap, although that’s a little hard to document since OR decided that they didn’t need to look at residual ethanol for some reason.


You’re going to be doing some hard core scraping if you are roto’ing down or a collection pot in the ffe to 400 ppm, Right?


That’s what I was thinking as well. I am going to confirm tomorrow that I did not mis-hear.

Nothing wrong with it adding it to a fresh batch of crude if your going to distill it. Jarred extracts have a greatly extended shelf life over bagged weed and I’ve gotten decent yields from material much older than 2 months and it wasn’t stored as extract.

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Ran a spray vap from them for some time. It seems like if I stop the feed and crank my jacket up to about 190 and my torr is at around 45-50 I can collect the crude at close to 5%. 400 PPM no way in my humble opinion. I would cook at that temp and Torr with the feed paused for about 30 mins or until I noticed the condenser only pulling about a drop of etOH every second or two.

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