Still looking for Canadian biomass


Hoping to find some Canadian biomass. If you can’t help please don’t bother replying

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Its illegal you have no chance pal. Trudeau has made CBD and Biomass illegal, so dare to try and get it and have some serious legal ramification on your plate. They will only allow CBD into Canada if its for scientific or medical purposes and you need a permit EVERY shipment from World Health Of Canada on the order. You also need an import/export license, but its neither here or there since its illegal rt now


Didn’t say anything about importing it. Just looking to locate it for now. Within Canada preferably


Its illegal either way. Is it worth the risk? smh


Cannabis is legal here across the country…


I’m aware it’s illegal to buy a large amount. It is however not illegal to inquire about it


Do you hold any licence under the Cannabis Act? What are you looking to do with biomass?


Study it



Take a look into “Research Class” licence, keep in mind if you do intend to go forward with your research class application, you will need to have your compliant facility built out before you apply, (as of May 1st, 2019). Good luck with it.

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For more information regarding Health Canada’s recent change to license eligibility requirements.


Love how it says “if you can’t help please don’t bother replying” and then if you scroll down all you see unhelpful replies :smirk:

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Yeah, saving someone from jail time is unhelpful