Has anybody used a mini ultra sonic cleaning device to scrub their equipment? The 10k industrial ones are nice but curious about small scale cleaning options

I have a few 30 liter ebay cheapos, they work great. Make up some alconox and your ready to rock.


Are you able to store the used alconox in the ultrasonic cleaner for a later use or does it need to be discarded after each cleaning?

Just grabbed a 30l ultrasonic cleaner off eBay. Was wondering what to fill with. Found this thread. Now just wondering if I can reuse or is a one time use and trash? Thanks In advance @Soxhlet. You always seem to have the right answers on EVERYTHING! I think you should change your handle to @cannabiswiki cause it seems you know just about everything to do with cannabis. Lol.

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thanks for the kind words! If you rinsed the glassware with solvents first and use it to work on any deposits you can use it for several days. when the solution starts to look like old bath water toss it!