Steam Distillation

I found some archived vids I had forgotten about on google drive. These two vids show a basic set up that works well. It is hard on boiling flasks because point heat from the steam injector. It sure strips volitiles fast. These are just raw clips but clip 2 shows the beginning of the cannabinoid holding up in the condenser. It will start to accumulate quickly once it begins to show. It will plug the condenser unless the water is turned to hot but I let it build a bit before that. This is the classic way to distill thermal sensitive organic compounds and it is cheap lolz.

Now … about water purge…yuck.


Here is the blog post on my site that puts three steam vids together. This is an update to the OP and two of those posted are shown but at high bandwidth playback and controls and such.


i can’t play these videos. anyone have acess to them? Definitely interested in how beaker steam distilled I’m sure it’s a genius setup


should be in the google drive linked in this post