State Of Oregon Proposed 0.3% TOTAL THC Change

Future4200 users, it has come to our attention that Oregon has proposed a bill to change the total THC limits to 0.3%. I have written an article explaining the adverse impacts of this and what it can mean for the entire hemp industry as a whole! Please share and read. We will most likely be adding a fundraiser to help combat this.

Getting attention is the first step. Lets guide the State of Oregon to make the right decision for the greatest number of citizens.

Please share your reactions and give feedback. Fide Freight is very serious about maintaining and helping to grow the hemp industry. This is our contribution to spread awareness and get in front of it.


Fide Freight Team

So, this really screws up D8, yeah?

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What am I missing?

Thought it was a federal mandate to have thc under .3%?


Currently, 2018 farm bill allows 0.3% Delta 9 THC. Does not mention TOTAL THC.

This would reduce the threshold. Majority of the industries current genetics would not be legal any more.


So far, only for Oregon. It is not law yet which is why it is important.

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I thought the farm bill said post decarboxylation THC content?


I sourced both of them in the article. Take a look

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The problem with this is that states like WA have been having to follow the stricter TOTAL THC policies as proposed by USDA while other neighboring states can essentially grow hemp under their own proprietary laws without the risk as even some “marijuana” varieties produce less than 0.3% delta 9 THC, making them “hemp”. So theoretically you could even grow well know marijuana strains under the hemp license’s of states like OR and often times marijuana will show numbers like 22% THC-A and 0.27% Delta 9 THC, making it hemp…

Besides this, it dismantles the consistency and reliability of the hemp market.

Im curious if the policies have any impact on sales across state borders for states like OR where growers grow above 0.3% TOTAL THC?

I think adopting a consistent policy would greatly impact the hemp industry as whole.

I am in WA state and received confirmation last week from WSDA Hemp program Manager named Trecia, that USDA set guidelines calling for TOTAL THC to be under 0.3%, however each state has until EOY to adopt these policies. Trecia told me WA decided to adopt the USDA guidelines immediately, while smarter states like OR and TN adopted their own policies until they are required to follow USDA’s.

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In all seriousness, it should be less than 0.3% d9 and less than 1% total thc.
Its nonsense to do either 0.3% d9 or 0.3% total thc.
Almost nobody has genetics that hit over 16% cbd without going over the 0.3% total thc.
And all finished products should be less than 0.3% total thc and all flower (leaf matter) should be under 1% total thc.
Just my opinion


Harder to enforce a “Policy” from USDA & DEA then it is to enforce “Law” written by federal government if someone was to end up in the court room.

Further complicating the issue when states adopt these policies instead of federal law.

Thoughts on this?

The whole thing is a mess and a joke, I think our problems stem from where ALL our problems come from, too much gov power, Agenda 2030 of the United Nations is starting to impact agriculture as a whole in our country now.


Interesting thought, but makes sense.

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