Starting the journey

Hello everyone
I’ve been reading bits on the site for a while and finally joined up properly today to say hello and learn more / show what I’m up to.

Im interested in spd at the moment and have got a Chinese 2L kit in its way to me , I’ve got a basic ice bath / small pump set up for the cooling of the spd head … ISO and dry ice (slurry)for the cold trap … digital vacuum gauge … hood vacuum grease…

but only a single stage 2.5 cfm pump(had already) … I know this is too small , what size will I need ?

Material to start with is oil made from polm / high quality stuff but waiting to see what it’s like once gone through spd … it’s need turned to oil with iso then filtered through a Büchner with all grades of paper and celite to get rid of impurities .

Been winterised (in home freezer -17)then filtered again through celite and papers .
reclaim most of iso in a tabletop distiller … then decarb on stir plate

What else do I need to do before putting through spd?

If colour is too dark I have a few powders I’ve gathered to try to lighten … got ultra clear from bvv , activated bentonite and b80
Was going to cross this bridge when I come to it if needed

I’m waffling

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Distill it first.

Use what you have for equipment, including the vac pump.

See what your results are.

Explore from there.

Seems like you’ve got a decent foundation. Good luck.


Thanks mate … i do tend to read a lot but need to just crack on and see what happens …
End goal is distillate carts … I’ve been making them with just quick wash iso but want to improve quality / clarity and I really enjoy a challenge .