Stainless Steel Wiped Film from YHCHEM

Please contact me if you have any needs.

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Doesn’t work. Forces you to download it and the mp4 file won’t play.

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Any inquriy from GLG, I can offer 5% discount.

I also can not play video

Please follow my instagram @yhchem, You can see many videos about our machines I posted.

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Do you guys make a BM - 5 or a BML - 5 model? I’ve seen these on Alibaba for 6500 to 8000

I am interested in the price of your smallest steel unit 2"

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If I was to guess I would say he’s a Chinese rep for these.


May I know which products?

May I have your email address? I would like to send the prices to you by email.

I sent you a dm

We are not trading company. You can visit our factory if you are interested in.

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Have you had any issues from customers about the gear pumps? I had my 2 stage stainless system running for 10mins before the 1st stage gear pump seized up and I had to tear it apart and sand down the shaft to allow it to spin freely again. Now after running for 45mins today the gear pump on the raffinate discharge side seized up. Should I expect this issue with the remaining 2 gear pumps as well?

Havent heard of them seizing like that unless you’re running sugary material

They leak air like hell though in my experience

One of them the main shaft seized to the block and the other one I just tore apart and rebuild was seized at the end of the shaft to the main block. Both times it was in locations that weren’t exposed to any material. I had to sand down the shaft to allow it to spin freely again. It’s an easy fix but a pain in the ass to stop production and break the machine down. Especially since I’ve just started running it and I’m working on dialing in my sop and temps

These guys are NOT affiliates of the GLG. It’s awesome that they off gang discounts, but I am not responsible for anything that happens to you for working with them.


Hahaha. Yea I know that bro. Good looking put tho

May I know who sold it to you? I can follow up the after-sales service.

@Yhchem-distillation where is the service on our broken molecular pump? Our lab has been shut down since before mjbizcon, we are missing harvest season again because of your equipment service delays and I message you every day!


I’ll be honest @MediumTroy they’re clueless. Have had numerous issues with their systems. If you need any help I can give you some pointers. Have had to fix most of it myself as their “after-sales” service is trash.