Spring price predictions

Good morning everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could offer me some info on what prices are today for Crude, Hot distillate, T-free Distillate and Isolate? I’m not much of a salesman and my company doesn’t sell products so I don’t know exactly where prices are at right now.

In addition, I was wondering if anyone had any insight on what type of oil is moving the best at the moment.

Also, I know that prices are going to bottom out, what do you guys think the prices for crude, hot distillate, T-free, and isolate will be come springtime?

Thanks for your insights, it is very helpful for my business.


I rely on The Jacobsen Report for current commodities pricing and information.



Oh that’s interesting - I’ve never heard of the Jacobsen Report, I’ve been using PanXchange, no idea if they are comparable or similar.

PanXchange gives a monthly report of the previous month’s prices. Not sure why they defer to Colorado, I’m sure it ranges significantly from here to there.



What is broad spectrum distillate vs full spectrum distillate?

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Broad spectrum distillate has been remediated of all THC, so it should show up on a lab report as ND or “non-detect”. While, Full spectrum distillate still contains THC.

They both contain CBD and any other minor cannabinoids that came out in extraction. I think there is debate over whether or not they contain terpenes… I elect to exclude them because industrial hemp terpenes aren’t very yummy.

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I’m curious what CBG biomass and flower are going for and what they expect to be at next year?


Yes I wonder if the market will also crash with cbg because of overproduction and uneducated consumer.


I’ve heard this too. I think people are also figuring out how to remediate their CBD distillate of THC, and then since they don’t know what to do with the THC, they just convert it to CBN. And now that remediation is happening at much larger scales than it was even just a few months ago, I think CBN supply will skyrocket overnight just like everything else in this industry.

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Fake oil sells for $100 per 3.5g in New York.

Thanks Cuomo. Time for a Michigan road trip indeed.

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Who’s Cuomo? Isnt that the singer for the band weezer? Lol

I wish. We call him Governor fuck up. Rivers got his hashpipe.

I know lots of NY cats heading up into Maine for flower and carts lol

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